FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — While it may have felt like it at times over the last few weeks, today is the official first day of summer. We have already had several days in the 90s so far this year and look to add more this week.

In a typical June we have 4 days in the 90s, so far this month we have had exactly that, as we hit 90° for 4 straight days just last week, the warmest being 96° on the 14th. The most days in the 90s for a June was 17 set back in 1934. Even with several 90° days in the forecast, we are not in danger of hitting that mark, but we will finish above average.

So far this year we had one additional day in the 90s to end May, giving us a total of 5. Since 1911 in a given year Fort Wayne averages 17 days in the 90s. Last year was an outlier with only 7 days throughout the entire year. The record for most 90° days in a year is 50 set in 1983.

Looking at summers since the year 2000, there have been 10 years that had AT LEAST 5 days in the 90s between May and June. Of those ten summers, 8 of them ended above the average of 17 days with 90° or above. In those years July was far and away the hottest month. Some of those summers included 2011 and 2012 which had 22 days and 20 days, respectively. By the end of 2011, there were 36 days total above 90° and 42 days in 2012.

While those are extreme cases, every single one of the 8 summers that I looked at with similar starts to this year finished with at least 20 days in the 90s. So we are likely in for a toasty couple of months.

That is also reflected in the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. For the next three months temperatures in our area favor above-average conditions for the rest of the summer.

In fact, a majority of the country is looking to be above average so make sure to have a plan to stay cool when the heat is on.