FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Shovels and snow blowers have had very little work to do so far this winter. Since December 1st, Fort Wayne has only recorded an inch and a half of snow. Looking at just January that number is only a half-inch.

Whether you enjoy that fact or not, the pattern of the jet stream is to blame when it comes to the lack of January snow.

For the last couple of weeks, a ridge has been set up out west which has allowed a trough to develop over the eastern half of the country. We can easily look back to the winter storm of last weekend that started in the northern plains before tracking south and then moving up the east coast.

Even though we have seen some brief warm-ups and shots of rain and snow, the overall flow favors below-average temperatures with relatively dry conditions as the moisture travels south.

So while we have the cold air, we do not have the moisture necessary for widespread snow. If January ended today, 2022 would rank as the 4th least snowy January on record.

The only years with less snow would span back to 1900, when we had just a trace, along with 1935 and 1919. For something a little more recent, let’s also throw in last year, 2021, which was off to a slow start when it comes to snow with only 1.6 inches through the 20th before eight inches over the last two days.

As for the rest of winter those years, February saw just a few snow events besides the big snows in 1900 and 2021. Generally, those are outliers considering the snow in 1900 was 18 inches, the highest single-day total in Fort Wayne history.

After that, it’s pretty consistent with snowfall amounts generally below average for March and April. As for 2021, we did end up rallying to finish the season above average with over 22 of those inches falling after January.

Overall trends would seem to favor winter continuing below average when it comes to snowfall, with the chance for a big event or two to get us back on track. The latest forecast can always be found here.