Wet microburst hits New Haven, Haviland


UPDATED: After the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team submitted damage photos submitted by New Haven WANE Weather Watchers, the National Weather Service analyzed the images and believes it is possible that a microburst occurred in New Haven, too.

The New Haven storm was the same storm as the one that moved through Haviland, but at an earlier stage in its development. Like in Haviland, New Haven reported a number of trees down.  According to the National Weather Service, the New Haven microburst was likely slightly weaker (peak winds 45-50 mph) and impacted a smaller area than the one around Haviland.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Paulding County Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the National Weather Service, reports to WANE-TV that the village of Haviland suffered a direct hit from a wet microburst around 4:46 pm.

A microburst is defined as a column of rapidly sinking air over a relatively small geographic area that causes widespread damage. When accompanied by heavy rain, it earns the name wet microburst.

The National Weather Services estimates winds in excess of 50 mph during this storm. 

Custom Assembly, Inc., on the west side of the village, suffered damage at multiple buildings on its property.

Haviland Tile, Inc. had a number of its storage piles of PVC drainage tiles blown over. Plus, a semi tractor trailer was turned on its side.

Damage to village residences was minimal in comparison, as assessed by the Paulding County EMA. Small sheds, trees, and tree limbs came down.  Some utility lines were downed as well.

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