Two tornadoes of unknown intensity confirmed from Wednesday in Van Wert County


VAN WERT, Ohio (WANE) – The National Weather Service has confirmed two tornadoes occurred in Van Wert County, Ohio, on Wednesday. Both twisters tracked through farm fields in the county.

Both tornadoes are classified as EF-U, meaning the wind speed of the tornadoes is unknown. According to the weather service, this is because “the tornadoes did not cause damage to any qualified damage indicators like trees or structures.” Only crop damage was observed from the two tornadoes, which was captured by local emergency managers using drone footage.

Tornadoes are always rated based on the damage they leave behind. The National Weather Service uses a list of damage indicators to estimate the wind speed of tornadoes. When a tornado passes through fields and no damage indicators can be used, an EF-U rating is assigned. Damage to only crops is when this rating is most often used. The weather service adds that a tornado receiving an EF-U rating could be changed in the future as more damage indicators are defined.

The first tornado occurred 3 miles west-southwest of Middle Point, OH. It was on the ground for three minutes, from 2:49 PM to 2:52 PM. The twister had a path length of 2.0 miles and reached a maximum width of 30 yards.

The second tornado occurred between Venedocia, OH, and Southworth, OH. It was on the ground for nine minutes, from 3:00 PM to 3:09 PM. The twister had a path length of 4.7 miles, and reached a maximum width of 50 yards.

If you are interested in reading the full summary of the severe weather seen across the area on Wednesday, visit this link on the National Weather Service Northern Indiana’s website. To learn more about the Enhanced Fujita Scale used to rate the intensity of tornadoes, visit this link from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.


NOTE: This story was updated on Monday, August 16th with new information from the National Weather Service. The time, location, path length, and width of the tornado near Middle Point, OH, was updated after a local emergency manager completed an additional drone survey of the impacted farmlands.

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