FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Earth Day is this Saturday! The holiday was first established in 1970 and serves as a reminder to practice sustainability not just on the day, but every day.

Earth Day is this Saturday and it first began in 1970.

There are plenty of sustainable practices you can do to mark the occasion and throughout the year. You can recycle things often, especially cans, paper, and old electronics. You can avoid disposable plastic by using reusable bags. Eating locally grown food is a great option because you reduce the carbon emissions generated by the transportation of food. Online billing is a great idea because it reduces the amount of printed paper sent out through the mail. Taking shorter showers reduces the amount of water and energy use. You can also repurpose items rather than throwing them away.

Here is a list of sustainable practices.

Other options include buying organic food. It is a healthy option and is better for the environment than the pesticides used for other foods. Plastic takes a long time to decompose, so using glass is a sustainable practice. You can also install energy-efficient LED lights in your home or business. Reducing your carbon emissions is always a good practice, so you can carpool to work, take the bus, bike, or walk on occasion. Lowering the heat and amount of air conditioning you use is good to save energy. Ultimately, going outside and/or joining an organized cleanup effort is a good practice and has a lot of benefits.

Here is another list of sustainable practices.

Finally, key sustainable practices include planting a tree, gardening, and composting. All three are great for the environment, but you may want to wait until the weather is more consistently warmer. The best time to plant remains Mother’s Day, according to the Purdue Extension office. Frost/freeze alerts are now being issued and the growing season has now officially been declared as of Thursday.

Here are some sustainable practices you may want to hold off on doing until the weather is more consistently warmer.

To view the forecast for the next 10 days, visit our WANE 15 Weather Page. You can also find a list of Earth Day events on our website. Happy Earth Day!