FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The hazy appearance present in our May sky is coming from smoke particles high up in the atmosphere that have blown in from wildfires occurring all the way in western Canada.

Since the particles are so high, and our current weather pattern is calm, they do not pose a pollution threat to us here at ground level. Instead, we get a nice “perk” from having these particles nearby.

The increase in particles in the atmosphere helps additional red-colored light become scattered when the sun rises and sets and shines its rays through the smoke in the atmosphere. As a result, northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio (and many other spots across the country) can get some really beautiful views.

If you capture a great sunrise or sunset photo over the upcoming days and nights, send it us at

Forrest Church and his son, Connor, of Pioneer, OH caught this sunset photo Wednesday in rural Williams County on the way home from a Little League baseball game.