FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A severe storm that blew through northeast Indiana late Monday night, with wind speeds nearly 100 mph, has been officially classified as a derecho.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday the storm, which packed the Fort Wayne International Airport’s highest recorded wind gust of 98 mph and left “a significant swath of straight line wind damage” behind it, met the criteria for a derecho. Derechos are widespread, sustained, straight-line wind storms.

The area first became familiar with the weather term “derecho” in June 2012, when straight line winds ripped through the area at a then-record 91 mph and caused substantial widespread damage. Much of the area was left without power for days.

Monday night’s weather event had much of the same impact. Tens of thousands lost power, trees were toppled, and power poles were snapped in half around the area.