FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Are you getting tired of windy days? Do you wonder if this spring has been windier than it has been in the past?

Before we talk about the numbers, let’s examine what causes windy conditions. A difference in atmospheric pressure is the root cause of wind. The strength of this pressure difference determines the strength of the wind. In the spring, we are in a location where numerous high and low pressure systems pass north, south, or right through our area. A byproduct of the pressure difference between these systems is the wind.

Below is an example of one setup we saw earlier this spring. A strong low pressure is to our northwest, while a strong high pressure is to our southeast. The strong pressure difference led to windy times in our area.

Examining data gathered from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, it is clear this spring has been very windy. With data going back to the mid-1970s, Fort Wayne is currently experiencing one of its windiest springs on record, with still a month to go. The graph below shows the number of days with wind gusts of 30 knots or greater. This is equal to about 34.5 mph. Note the gradual upward trend and how we are well above the average mark of 14 days.

How about March? According to this analysis, we experienced the windiest March in Fort Wayne’s history, with 15 days of 30 knot or greater wind gusts.

How about April? Last month, we also eclipsed the windiest April on record, according to this analysis, with 13 days of 30 knot or greater wind gusts.

All of this said, the data presented in these graphs is subject to some scrutiny. The method of observing wind gusts has changed several times throughout this time period and the equipment used to calculate the gusts has undergone several updates over time, so there may be some question as to the reliability of the data. Even though the data may not be 100% reliable, this is the best analysis we have to compare the winds this spring to past springs.

The Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team will be watching for more windy days to see if we can become the windiest spring ever in this database. To find out if there’s more windy times ahead, visit our WANE 15 Forecast Page.