GOSHEN, Ind. (WSBT) — Earlier this week we had a freeze warning as temperatures dropped back to 32 degrees and even below that mark. The average last 32-degree temperature in Fort Wayne is April 23rd, so we weren’t too far off the pace.

However, when we have frigid nights during the spring it can not only have an impact on backyard gardens but also on the fruit crop.

Kercher’s Orchards in Goshen says the apple crop is right where it should be. Even while the trees look bare there are tiny flowers beginning to burst. These tight clusters of buds are actually helping the trees withstand the cold temperatures, and they could even take temperatures down into the lower 20s. However, the cold can also affect pollination, as bees would be much less active during a crucial part of the growing process.

“You could get a really nice crop of flowers, but if the bees are not able to pollinate, then you still don’t have a crop, so we’re hoping for good weather to pollinate in a couple of weeks,” said Maureen Kercher, Owner of Kercher’s Orchards.

Bees are not a fan of cool, windy, and cloudy conditions like we have seen for much of the month. As the calendar turns to May we will slowly start to warm up and that is when we will start to see the flowers bloom.

However, the latest freeze we have seen in Fort Wayne was into late May, so you still need to pay close attention for a few more weeks to make sure your garden is safe from the elements.