Perseid meteor shower won’t be as popular this year


The annual Perseid meteor shower is eagerly anticipated by skywatchers because it’s known for sending numerous meteors across the sky.

However, this year, as the Perseids reach their peak from August 12 into August 13 (Monday night into Tuesday), the viewing forecast for the shower is poor. This is due to our potential for heavy rain, strong storms, and plenty of clouds.

Even without the storm chances, viewing would be hard because of the bright moonlight currently present in our night sky. The added light makes it difficult to see all the meteors that are moving by.

Some good news about the meteor shower is that meteors will still be able to be spotted for awhile. A (smaller) number of meteors will be visible in the night sky for the next 10 days (through Aug. 22/23).

Don’t forget, when trying to look for meteors, it’s best to get away from city lights and to have lots of patience. It may take some time before you see a meteor dart across the sky. No need to look in any certain direction…just look up and wait for something to catch your eye.

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