FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – October is certainly off to a summer-like start across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio! The first three days of the month have all brought toasty high temperatures up in the 80s!

Below is a breakdown of our observed high temperatures and the record highs for Sunday through Tuesday in Fort Wayne. Sunday and Tuesday have not threatened the records, but Monday came closer, as our 86 degree high temperature was only two degrees shy of the 88 degree 1922 record.

It has been very warm, but not quite record-breaking to start October 2023 in Fort Wayne.

This now places us above our average total of October 80 degree and higher days in Fort Wayne. Our average is two days and we’ll likely end up with four total days after Wednesday. We are not close to our record though of 14 80 degree and higher days, which was set back in 1963.

We will end up above our average 80 degree and higher day total for October in Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne weather records date all the way to 1897, so these numbers are taken from 125 years of data. Out of those 125 years, only 22 years have had more than four 80 degree and higher days in October (approximately 18 percent). The most recent year this happened was 2018. On the flip side, 38 Octobers out of 125 Fort Wayne Octobers had no 80 degree and higher days (approximately 30 percent). This ultimately means it is uncommon we experience more than four 80 degree and higher days in October, but it’s not unusual to experience 80 degree days in October.

It is unusual to see more than four 80 degree and higher days in October and none at all in Fort Wayne.

What is rare is experiencing a 90 degree day in October. This has happened only twice in Fort Wayne’s history. These temperatures are our record high temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Only two October 90 degree days have been recorded in Fort Wayne.

We hope you are enjoying the warmth because a big change is on the way! We’re set to see high temperatures tumble from the 80s down into the 50s by this weekend. This is all due to a dip in the jet stream that is on the way; this will bring us a considerably cooler airmass. We will drop from the 80s to the 50s in a span of three days.

We tap into a dip in the jet stream late this week, bringing us much cooler air.

We last experienced a big change like this in October in 2021. We went from 81 degrees on October 14th that year to 58 degrees on October 16th two days later. However, this is perhaps our most significant change from well above average temperatures to well below average temperatures since April this year. We went from 82 degrees on April 15th to 40 degrees on April 17th two days later. This is a big swing from our average high temperatures in the lower 60s. We also went from 84 degrees on April 20th to 45 degrees on April 23rd three days later. That is also a big swing from average highs in the mid-60s.

We’ve had some pretty big temperature swings not just earlier this year, but only two Octobers ago in Fort Wayne.

We’ll continue to track the temperature numbers in the coming days! Visit our WANE 15 Weather Page to track the transition from summer-like air to fall-like air. Enjoy getting the flannels out!