FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Perseid Meteor Shower peaked this weekend across the globe and viewing conditions were excellent across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio Saturday night. Clear skies and mild temperatures were ideal conditions to capture the meteors.

However, meteors flying across the sky were not the only astronomical feature you could see. A group of SpaceX Starlink Satellites were also launched over the weekend.

Viewers sent in their perspectives from Saturday night. Ben says he captured a meteor, while Will says he captured the Starlink satellites. It would appear, Becky also captured the Starlink satellites, but it could also have been a meteor. Either way, both sights were impressive to see!

Below is some footage captured of the meteor shower from the Balkans region of Europe over the weekend.

The Perseids, one of the biggest meteor showers we can see, occur every year in the late summer. Meteor showers happen when the Earth moves through fields of debris floating around in space. The Perseids come from comet Swift-Tuttle, a big ball of ice and rock that sheds pieces of dusty debris as it orbits around the sun.

We’ll hope the weather is just as favorable for viewing the next astronomical event that comes around!