Northern Lights may be visible over Indiana this weekend.

Northern Lights will be likely to the southern edge of the solid green line. The small green line indicates where the Northern Lights can be seen September 1. (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

The Northern Lights may be visible as far south as Cincinnati on Saturday and Sunday night. They are most likely to be seen from Minneapolis to Milwaukee through Muskegon and even as far south as Grand Rapids.

There is a chance that areas south of southern Michigan might see the Northern Lights in the lower sky.

The University of Alaska-Fairbanks website describes the Northern Lights as “the dancing lights of the aurora are seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres because the electrons from the sun travel along magnetic field lines in the Earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is a vast, comet-shaped bubble around our planet. As the electrons from the solar wind penetrate into the upper atmosphere, the chance of colliding with an atom or molecule increases the deeper into the atmosphere they go.”

According to the University of Alaska-Fairbanks forecast, the magnetic energy level will be high and that means that there is a high auroral activity level expected especially in the wide green area in the map above.

The forecast for our area is for cloudy skies on Saturday night but there is a chance we could see the Northern Lights Sunday night as skies begin to clear.

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