FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – If you were not ready to be done with 70 degree days, we have a treat for you this week! We’re set to add on more red days to our calendar.

We started the month very warm, with four straight 80 degree days. We also added on two 70 degree days, even on a day that goes in as a below average day, thanks to the cold morning that day. Prior to October 22nd, we are sitting at 0.2 degrees above average for the month.

We’ve had our share of warm October days already this month.

Our total of two 70 degree October days is much lower than last year’s mark of 12 days. Our average is 8 days, which we will look to approach by the end of this week. We do not look to threaten the record total of 17 days set back in 1900. These records for Fort Wayne date back to 1897.

Last year we saw more days in the 70s compared to average in October. We’ll add some more this week.

In terms of October 80 degree and higher days, our average is two days. Our record to beat is 14 days set back in 1963. This does include two October days that made it up into the 90s (October 3rd, 1898 and October 4th, 1951).

More uncommon is October days in the 80s. We’ve seen four of them in October 2023.

In terms of our longest streak of October days in the 70s, the record is eight straight days, set three times before in Fort Wayne’s history: 2007, 1989, and 1961. The 1989 record is more notable for us this week, as it was set late in the month, as opposed to the early to middle part of October. The longest streak of 80 degree and higher days in October is six days, set back in 1997 and 1922. This means our stretch of four days at the start of this month was not too far off from breaking this record.

Our four days in the 80s to start October was close to setting a record streak of 80 degree and higher days in October.

Just how big of a temperature change are we tracking this week? We started off with freezing temperatures Monday morning in Fort Wayne and we’re currently forecasting a high temperature of 76 degrees Tuesday. This is a difference of 44 degrees, which is just shy of a top ten greatest temperature change within 36 hours in the city’s history.

What a big temperature change we are tracking this week!

The warmth is courtesy of the jet stream moving farther to our north. This warm airmass looks to be expansive across the eastern part of the country and persist into later this week, as seen below.

The jet stream stays north through the rest of the week, meaning we’ll be warmer than average.

You can track the temperatures in the coming days by visiting our WANE Weather Page. We hope you enjoy the 70 degree days we are able to experience!