Looking back at the wild week of weather

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From extreme cold to above average warmth, plus snow and rain. The forecast the past week has had almost everything. If you missed out on why the week was so special in our local weather world, check out these stats.

It is amazing how our temperatures have changed over just a handful of days.

It was just last Wednesday (January 30), that we had a high temperature of 0° at midnight and dropped to -13° by 9:45 in the morning. The rest of the day we had temps below 0°. The -13° was a record for the date.  But, it’s not our all-time low temperature. -24° was recorded on January 12, 1918.

On January 30, we stayed below 0° for 36 consecutive hours from 1 am Wed (1/30) to 1 pm Thu (1/31). It is a rarity for us to be this cold, of course. While a day and a half is a long time for northeast Indiana to have below 0° temps, the longest span Fort Wayne has seen continuous subzero readings was the 66 consecutive hours that occurred back in December 1983.

The last time Fort Wayne had a high temperature of 0°, or lower, was 25 years ago.  That takes us back to 1994.  Remember what life was like back then? Here’s a refresher:

The extreme cold eased by the end of the week, but Thursday into Friday (1/31 to 2/1), we saw a multi-inch snowfall across the region. Some of the highest totals region-wide were around the 5″ mark.

Warmer air started to pump in over the weekend of 2/2 to 2/3 and high temps rose to the 40s on 2/2 and the 50s on 2/3.

Considering we had wind chill values around -40° back on Jan. 30, this was about a 90° fluctuation in terms of what it felt like outdoors in just 5 days!


January’s last days, which were filled with arctic cold, helped balance the early month warmth and we ended up only 0.4° above average for the month as a whole.

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