FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It was certainly a cold and wintry Monday across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. We dealt with strong winds and snowflakes were falling at times throughout the day.

The Fort Wayne International Airport only recorded a trace of snow on Monday. Because this is not a measurable amount of snow, we will for now go without breaking a new record in Fort Wayne. If we see more than a trace of snow anytime through the rest of the spring, we will set a new record for the longest stretch between the first snow in the fall and the last snow in the spring. Exactly six months ago from Monday, we picked up 0.7 inches on October 17th, 2022, which was the second earliest measurable snowfall on record in Fort Wayne. This would follow the record we already set last year for the shortest amount of time between the last snow in the spring and the first snow in the fall. We only went 181 days without snow, which bests our record from 1974 by 12 days.

With Monday’s snow not adding to our seasonal totals, here’s a look at where things stand. If we do not pick up any additional snow, we’ll end the season over 11 inches below our average.

We are below average in the snowfall department this season.

Snow in April is not all that uncommon. In fact, we typically experience snow on three days in April. However, April can be a pretty snowy month. 1943 featured 11 days with snow, which was the most in Fort Wayne’s history. The highest April snow of six inches happened back in 1994 and there have been other snows as high as five inches. On average though, we only pick up 0.8 inches of April snow.

Interesting to note is our last snowfall of the season happened in April over the course of the past three years, including on April 17th three years ago. Both the past two years have brought us just over a half an inch of snow to end the season.

Our last snow of the season has happened in April each of the past three years.

2021 in particular was a notable year, as 4.2 inches of snow fell the day before our last day of snowfall that spring. We dug up a collection from the weather archives that you can watch below.

However, we cannot let our guard down even into May. Snow has happened three times in May in Fort Wayne’s history. We saw over an inch on May 9th, 1923. The latest we’ve ever seen snow was on May 10th, 1945, when 0.3 inches fell.

Our latest spring snows have occurred in May.

We’ll have to see if we are able to pick up any more measurable snow in the coming weeks! To view if any snow chances remain in the forecast, visit our WANE 15 Forecast Page.