Light pillars brighten the Fort Wayne sky, but why?


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s not something you spot in the sky every day. But, skywatcher John McGauley shared the view he captured in Fort Wayne Thursday night of a natural light display seen across parts of the area.

In his photos, multiple pillars of vertical light are in the sky. McGauley had this great view from Long Road, just south of State Boulevard. The buildings in the foreground are Peace Montessori School.

This occurred as a result of light reflecting off of ice crystals in the air. When these pillars are witnessed, the ice crystals that create them typically have a hexagonal (six-sided) shape and a plate-like form.

All conditions lined up perfectly with the ice crystals being present and the right amount of nighttime light bouncing off of them. McGauley took these photos just before 7 PM on January 6th.

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