July 4th brings the ‘Buck’ full moon and an eclipse.


On July 4th there will be a full moon and an eclipse the same night! Well before you get too excited you probably won’t notice the eclipse and it might night even be visible to the expert moon watcher either.

Even though the eclipse will be less than spectacular you still don’t want to miss the full Buck Moon. At dusk you’ll be able to see what will be a colorful full moon as well, because of the Saharan dust in the atmosphere right now.

What will happen is that a sliver of the full Moon will appear for a few hours.

That’s because it’s going to pass through Earth’s outer, fuzzy shadow in space—our planet’s penumbra.

If you want to try to watch the eclipse it begins at at 10:07 pm and ends around 11:29 pm.

Jupiter and Saturn are visible tonight: These two planets haven’t been seen at the same time since 2000 and on December 21, 2020 they will be the closest together since 1623. These two planets will be visible shortly after sunset and will be a lined with the moon just before sunset.

Jupiter will be visible underneath the moon tonight

So it will still be worth your while between fireworks to gander at the full moon and Jupiter and Saturn on the horizon.

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