FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Even though clouds will increase overnight into Wednesday, we won’t see that increase by the time the International Space Station (ISS) flies over northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio on this Tuesday night (July 12) at 10:41 pm.

One of the reasons why this space station fly over is notable includes the fact that it will be visible for a little more than 6 minutes. Many times, the opportunities to spot the ISS are much shorter.

Also making tonight’s viewing forecast a good one is that we’ll see the ISS show up in the southwestern sky and rise to its highest position of 60° from the horizon.

If you miss the Tuesday night sighting, there are other great opportunities coming soon.

You can mark your calendar for Wednesday morning, July 13, at 5:10 am, As long as there aren’t too many clouds, this will be an excellent sighting. The ISS will show up in the NW sky, reaching 82° above the horizon, and could be visible for nearly 7 minutes.

Another opportunity comes Friday, July 15, at 9:53 pm. The ISS will arrive in the southwestern sky and be visible for nearly 7 minutes. On Friday, the peak height will be 82° above the horizon.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be looking for, the ISS appears as a moving light in the sky. The ISS shows up on a predictable schedule, so it won’t be late (or early). Make sure you’re outside at the right time…set your alarm!

Tuesday night’s space station fly over comes late in the evening. Friday’s fly over happens a little earlier.