Industrial plant the cause of snow around Allen County

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Tuesday's snow that fell across Allen County came as a result of steam rising from a local industrial plant or plants. While proper atmospheric conditions don't always exist for this to happen, everything lined up just right this time around.

In many spots, this snow t was not very impactful or leave much in terms of accumulation.  Areas outside of Allen County, didn't see any of this.

But, there were isolated locations where the snow fell heavily, at times, and reduced visibility on the roads. Travel became difficult and dangerous, as well.

Through 9:15 pm, an inch and a half of this "industrial plant snow" had already fallen in the Arcola area.

Judging by radar returns, the source of this snow was an industrial plant or plants in northwest Allen County.  Although the source of the snow is industrial in nature, there is little risk of danger or pollution from this snow as it is created by the pure water molecules rising from steamstacks. These molecules rise, cool, condense, form clouds and, with increasing moisture, form snowflakes.

Check out the graphic produced by our local Northern Indiana National Weather Service office that paints the picture of the day's weather setup:


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