FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The power of the sun will be in full force as temperatures may reach record highs this week. It’s important to know what you and your children can do to beat the heat.

Throughout the week, temperatures in Fort Wayne will be in the 90s. With humidity levels taken into account, Tuesday and Wednesday will feel like over 100°.

It’s essential for everybody to know about heat safety, including your children. Not taking proper precautions can lead to a variety of medical conditions. Dehydration occurs when you lose more fluid than you put into your body.

Drinking lots of hydrating fluids can help prevent dehydration, but do children know what kinds of drinks those are? Dr. Kara Kowalczyk, an emergency medicine physician with Riley Children’s Health, explains what kinds of drinks can keep kids properly hydrated in the heat.

“I think it depends. typically, day to day water is going to be the best thing because you don’t want to sugar overload your child because many sports drinks are full of sugar,” Kowalczyk said.

She says sports drinks are also a good option for children and athletes spending time outside on a hot day, but pick the sugar free versions. Juice is not a good drink to rehydrate you because it is full of sugar.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are other serious medical conditions that can occur from being in the heat for too long. They can lead to a trip to the hospital, and can even be fatal. Dr. Kowalczyk explains the difference between the two conditions.

“They both can be very serious. Two things can tell them apart. Heat exhaustion is heat elevation less than 104 degrees and heat stroke is more than 104 degrees. People with heat stroke will have an altered mental status. They might go unconscious, pass out, or have seizures,” Kowalczyk said.

If you suspect your child is suffering from either of these conditions, move your child to a cooler area and get them something to drink. If the symptoms are not getting better, call 9-1-1.

Dr. Kowalczyk also recommends that if you need to go out, there are things to remember about your car in the heat. If you are bringing your child to run your errands, do not leave them in the car. Remember to check your back seat and take them with you.

“There really is no temperature that it’s safe to keep a child in the car without the air conditioning on and another adult in the car,” Kowalczyk said.

There is an Indiana law about removing children from hot cars. It allows for somebody to break into a vehicle if they believe a child is in danger of being trapped in a hot, locked car.

As the temperatures rise this week, watch that your children are protected from the heat. Make sure they are wearing shoes on the pavement, bringing lots of water to camp, and staying hydrated throughout the day.