FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It has not been the easiest start to summer marching band camp at Snider High School. High heat, humidity, and poor air quality at times has been out of tune compared to a typical summer band camp.

Brandon Crabill, Director of Bands at Snider High School, says the weather last week was a struggle at certain points. He had to make sure kids were hydrated well and not overheating.

Band staff members would get alerts from the Fort Wayne Community Schools district telling them to be careful of the air quality. At many points last week, time outdoors was very limited and they had to move rehearsal into a gym and try to do everything they could to stay on track. Not just marching band was impacted, but several other outdoor sports across the district also dealt with the inclement weather conditions.

Some of the kids have needed inhalers and time to take more medication. They have been letting staff members know if they have any asthma concerns, so that staff members can keep an extra close eye on them and perhaps decide to move things indoors for the day to alleviate any concerns there.

This week, the weather has been much nicer. The band has been outside a lot more, working hard, and the staff has kept a positive attitude for the kids. They are pushing themselves to get back on track and have been able to get a lot more of their fall show now onto the field. Crabill looks to take it day by day as we progress into the school year and will hope for more sustainable pleasant weather.

The good news is marching band has both a visual and musical aspect. Therefore, the band can still come into the band room when the weather does not cooperate and work on music and memorization. That way when back outside, the band can sound good and move faster with the visual component.

Overall, band camp is a refreshing experience. It really helps ease the students into the school year and lays the foundation for the fall competition season.

Crabill is an alumni of Snider and is excited to lead the marching band at Snider for the first time this year. He says all of the students feel like family to him. He tries to keep things positive through the leadership change and he wants everyone in the group to feel like a part of the family.

If you would like to learn more about performing arts programs within Fort Wayne Community School, visit this link.