Funnel clouds in the sky


A little after 6 o’clock on Monday night, the Jay County Sheriff sent out an alert to residents that a funnel cloud had been spotted in Delaware County (to its south) and was on the way.

The potential for additional funnel clouds tonight remains mainly for areas south of Fort Wayne, like Marion, Hartford City, and Portland.

However, while this all sounds rather ominous and threatening, the chance for any of these funnel clouds to reach the ground and cause damage is extremely low.

These clouds are being formed as a result of a “spin” in the atmosphere that is present in combination with a nearby front, creating the twisting circulation some have seen.

The funnel clouds that may develop tonight will not be forming tornadoes because the clouds are not attached to strong t-storms. As a result, any funnel clouds that do develop will likely be present for only a brief time and stay elevated in the sky.

The bigger weather worry tonight is for street flooding in some areas, especially around parts of Jay County, where radar estimates some areas have picked up multiple inches of rainfall tonight. If you encounter a flooded road, remember to turn around and find another route.

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