FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Widespread frost is on the way to northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio this morning. With temperatures forecasted to drop down to right around the freezing mark, some spots could experience their first freeze of the fall season.

A Frost Advisory is in place for all of northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Frost forms in temperatures less than or equal to 36 degrees, so frosty conditions are expected. Temperatures at freezing or below though would mark the end of the growing season for the area.

It has been quite some time since our last temperatures less than or equal to 32 degrees in Fort Wayne. You have to go back nearly six months ago to find Fort Wayne’s last subfreezing morning. This was on April 26th, when we got as low as 28 degrees, which would be classified as a hard freeze.

It has been almost six months since our last subfreezing night in Fort Wayne.

To prepare for a possibility for a freeze, make sure you insulate any sensitive plants you wish to keep outdoors by covering them up well. You can also bring them indoors permanently with the growing season reaching its final stages. You should also empty outdoor pipes or let them drip, including hoses that are still outdoors and may be filled with water. You should complete these steps before you go to bed Sunday night.

Take some steps to prepare for the possibility for the first freeze of the season before you go to bed Sunday night.

Should this be our first freeze of the fall, it comes right around when we should see the first one. Watch the video below to learn more.

The good news at least is we’re set to considerably warm up through the remainder of the week. Monday morning is the only morning this week where a frost/freeze will be a concern. But don’t get too used to it, as signs of much colder air are in the forecast next week.

The jet steam lifts to our north Tuesday, sending in a surge of warm air.

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