Fort Wayne’s first 70°+ temp of 2020 falls on interesting day


FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – Fort Wayne’s over 5 month wait for a 70° or higher temperature came to an end this week when our Tuesday, April 7 high reached 77°.

The most recent time we were in the 70s was on October 20, 2019 when our high was only 71°.

If you wanted to find the last time we met or exceeded Tuesday’s 77° temp, you have to go back to October 10, 2019 when we had a 78° high.

Looking at the list of when we’ve experienced our first 70° temp in recent years, one can easily notice that in 2013, 2015, and 2019, we hit 70° on April 8. If 2020 wasn’t a leap year, we would have had our first 70° on April 8th yet again – the same date 4 times out of the past 8 years (50% of the time!). There’s no true meteorological reason for this to happen so frequently on April 8, it’s just pure luck. Keep in mind, the average Fort Wayne high temp on April 8 is only 58°. Fort Wayne’s average high doesn’t hit 70° until May 9.

Looking through the data going back to 1980, it does not appear that in any other year from 1980-2012 did Fort Wayne have its first 70° temp of the year on April 8, adding to the uniqueness of this weather factoid.

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