FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – We are tracking high temperatures in the 80s to return as the summer wraps up and as fall begins! You will have to keep the flannels and long pants in your closet for the time being…

It is common to have several 80 degree days in September. So far this year, we’ve climbed to 80 degrees and higher six times in Fort Wayne in September. This includes a 90 degree day on September 5th. We still have to add more though to reach our total of 14 days we experienced last year.

We’ve had 6 80° and higher days so far in Fort Wayne in September. Last year we had 14 days.

We typically experience eleven 80 degree and higher days in Fort Wayne in September. Our record total is 23 days in 1908. Interestingly enough, seven years earlier, we never reached the 80 degree mark or above in Fort Wayne that September. We anticipate approaching or reaching our average after our upcoming stretch of warm September days, but not threatening the record.

We average 11 September 80° and higher days in Fort Wayne. The record is 23 days in 1908 after we had none in 1901.

We added up 17 consecutive 80 degree and higher days in September in 1927 and 1994, which is the record streak for the month. This is another record we will not break this year.

Our longest streak of September 80° and higher days in Fort Wayne is 17 days.

The hottest we’ve ever been in September? 100 degrees on September 1st and 2nd, 1953. Thankfully we are not tracking temperatures that high…

Our highest ever Fort Wayne September temperature is 100°.

The upcoming September warmth comes at a time when drought is expanding across the area. We have seen little rain since the drought monitor was updated on Thursday last week. The highs in the 80s will dry out soils more, increase the risk of field fires, and may ultimately impact crop yields. We’ll hope some rain will counter this, but shower chances are low within the next week.

You can track the warmth in the coming days by visiting our WANE 15 Forecast Page. Enjoy it if you like these temperatures!