FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – You may notice that skies are murkier than usual and visibility is lower off in the distance. You may even sense a smokier smell to the air.

We are experiencing widespread haze across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio as a result of wildfire smoke moving north to south through the area.

The cause of this wildfire smoke is active fires that are ongoing to our north. While the entire areas where fire icons are located on the map below are not on fire, the map shows where the greatest concentration of fires can be found, which is in the Canadian province of Quebec. Smaller fires also exist in Ontario and northern Michigan. A more detailed map of active fires can be found here.

An overview of where the greatest concentration of wildfires can be found to our north.

The smoke can cause reduced visibilities at times should it reach into the lower levels of the atmosphere a bit more. Those with respiratory health concerns are advised to stay indoors as much as possible while the smoke is more prevalent. We expect the widespread haze to stick around into Tuesday before a cold front moves through.

Be careful outdoors as we deal with this haze. Visit our WANE 15 Forecast Page for additional forecast details.