FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Our summer-like stretch of weather has brought some days in the 80s and more are expected in the coming days.

So how common is this warmth? First, let’s take a look at September’s days in the 80s (not reaching 90 degrees). On average, we see around 9 days in the 80s in September, and our record is 17 days that we set three times. So far this month, we’ve seen 10 days in the 80s, just above our average.

As far as days greater than or equal to 80 degrees in September (including 90 degrees and higher temperatures), we average around 11 days in September and our record is 23 days in 1908. We have not seen any 90-degree days so far this September, so the number of 10 days here is the same.

We’ve strung together a few 80-degree days in a row this month, but we’re not close to our longest high-temperature streaks. 1927 saw 12 straight days in the 80s and 17 straight days of 80 degrees and higher temperatures in September. 1994 also tied 1927 for the 80-degree and higher streak of 17 days.

Ultimately, this data suggests that the 80s we are experiencing this September are not all that unusual and there have been much hotter Septembers in the past. However, we’re likely to add up more 80-degree days before the month is over. You can check out our WANE 15 Forecast Page to find out how long the warm temperatures are going to stick around. Enjoy the summer-like air while it lasts!