FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – We’ve had our fair share of Fridays with unsettled weather as of late and this week looks to be no exception. You may be wondering if indeed Friday has been the day of the week with the most active weather over the past few months.

Going back to the start of Meteorological Winter to the present day (December 1st, 2022 through March 14th, 2023), we examined precipitation, snowfall, and wind gust data for each day of the week. We found that Friday featured the most impactful weather out of any other days.

We set specific active weather thresholds. We defined an active weather day as having greater than or equal to a quarter of an inch of rainfall, greater than or equal to a half an inch of snowfall, and a maximum daily wind gust greater than or equal to 35 mph.

Friday had seven days since December 1st with a precipitation total, snowfall total, and wind gust that met the active weather threshold. In total, there were eleven specific weather thresholds met: two precipitation totals, four snow totals, and five wind gusts. The past two Fridays (March 10th and March 3rd), make up two out of those seven days.

Coming in second and third are Wednesdays and Thursdays, with each six active weather days. Thursdays have the slight edge over Wednesdays with ten weather thresholds met over nine.

Saturdays and Tuesdays rank fourth and fifth, with each five active weather days. Both days had five specific weather thresholds met.

Finally, Sundays and Mondays rank at the bottom, with each only four and three active weather days, respectively. Sundays had five specific weather thresholds met, while Mondays ranked last in this regard as well, with only four specific weather thresholds met.

You can examine our full analysis completed by hand below.

What can be concluded from this analysis is that the Wednesday through Friday period has experienced more impacts from low pressure systems, with Friday seeing the most active weather. On the flip side, earlier days in the week like Sunday or especially Monday have likely experienced more calmer weather from areas of high pressure or more breaks between low pressure systems.

We’ll continue to watch and see if Fridays bring more active weather. You can visit our WANE 15 Forecast Page for the latest forecast information.