Be prepared for winter weather with tips for homeowners


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – As the temperature continues to drop, many agencies and companies are issuing cold weather tips for homeowners.

Fort Wayne City Utilities suggests that homeowners:

  • Keep their garage door closed to allow as much heat as possible to stay in the garage and house.
  • Wrapping pipes that run through unheated garages or crawl spaces can help prevent freezing. Use insulating tape and wrap it over the entire length of the exposed pipe. You can also use molded flexible pipe sleeves. Cover all valves, joints, etc., with insulating tape or fiberglass insulation. 
  • Customers are responsible for meter damage or replacements. If the meter is in an unheated garage, protect it with an insulated box, and the garage door should be closed to hold in as much warmth as possible. If the meter is located outside in a pit, be sure the lid is not broken or missing.  

Korte Does It All Inc. in New Haven suggests that homeowners:

  • Keep cabinets open to allow warm air to reach the pipes.
  • Allow a small trickle of water to run, this keeps pipes from freezing and protects the water meter (The flow should be about the diameter of a pencil lead).
  • Keep your house warm which helps keep the deep freeze under control.
  • Make sure your furnace and everything is up to date and working.
  • Make sure your water heater has been serviced and is working properly.
  • Shut off the water if you do get a leak.

NIPSCO reminds homeowners to:

  • Do NOT use stoves, ovens or grills for heat or overload your outlets.
  • If someone in your household requires life support equipment, make arrangements for a back-up power supply. This may mean having a qualified professional install a generator or going to a healthcare facility that has back-up power. Make sure to follow all laws, codes and manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement and installation.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clear snow and ice from your meter – gently – with a broom, not a shovel.
  • Keep an eye out for rapid melting of snow and ice that can cause flooding. If flooding affects your home, take these important steps.
  • Check on elderly or vulnerable neighbors, friends or relatives and pets to make sure they are safe.
  • Drive safely during icy conditions – If your car hits an electric utility pole and the power line comes down, stay inside your vehicle, unless in immediate danger, such as a fire, and contact 911. If you must exit the car, jump clear without touching metal (the vehicle) and the ground at the same time.

If you find you have no water and suspect it’s because of a frozen meter call 311.

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