FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — After a rainy stretch to end-March, April is also starting off with several rounds of rain.

While it is not necessarily a lot of precipitation, any time the rain gauge hits 0.01″, it counts towards a day with precipitation.

We will set our threshold at a stretch of 5 days or more reaching at least that 0.01″ mark. Looking at data that goes all the way back to 1897, which is 125 years. This has happened 346 times in Fort Wayne. Meaning stretches of 5 days or more with precipitation happen nearly 3 times a year.

In fact, we just had one recently that ended on Saturday. From the 29th of March to the 2nd of April we only picked up 0.19″. During 2021 it only happened once, and it was actually during nearly the same time frame when March 24th to March 28th had 1.56″.

The year 2020 had 5 separate stretches of precipitation for at least 5 days straight, which had a few snow events included early in the year. The last two times in 2020 were October 19th through the 23rd where 3.31″ fell and April 26th through 30th with only 0.55″.

The longest stretch of precipitation is 11 days and has happened twice,
December 11th through 21st in 1974 with 1.14″ and June 23rd through July 3rd in 2013 with 4.22″.

Sometimes these stretches can be complete washouts, others can have morning or evening rounds of rain with otherwise mostly dry days.

Our current setup has the jet stream bringing in a couple of weak troughs to start the week, but a deeper trough and cut-off low will keep our rain chances sustained for the rest of the week.