Amazon rainforest smoke seen on satellite images


Credit: NOAA

AMAZON RAINFOREST (NASA) – Portions of the Amazon rainforest are burning and the smoke from the fires can be noted on satellite imagery.

According to NASA, recent droughts, along with activities of humans, have resulted in dry areas in the rainforest that have little resistance to catching fire.

With less rainfall, trees have fewer leaves and those dead leaves fall to the forest floor where they can catch on fire. Fewer leaves high up on the trees means a large part of the rainforest’s tropical humidity is lost to the surrounding areas and is not kept within the rainforest.

The image posted with this story comes from NASA’s NOAA-20 satellite VIIRS sensor. NASA says the smoke that the satellite picked up absorbs sunlight and, in turn, the sunlight doesn’t reach the ground. Under this scenario, the ground cools and the atmosphere heats up.

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