FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A decade ago Tuesday, the region was sweltering in some of the hottest temperatures ever seen in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.

The thermometer reached 106° in Fort Wayne, tying the city’s all-time record high temperature. This had only happened three other times in recorded history.

All of this heat and humidity provided fuel for dangerous thunderstorms. A decade ago Wednesday, the 2012 derecho moved through the area, bringing widespread damage. Here’s a radar recap of the storm. Some of the peak wind gusts are noted here.

How does the 2012 derecho compare to the one we recently experienced on June 13th of this year? The 2012 derecho was likely worse for a greater number of people while the peak of this year’s storm was more intense in a more concentrated area.

Examining the data, the 2012 derecho appears to have lasted around 100 miles longer than the one this year. However, this data is considered preliminary until the full analysis of this year’s derecho is completed. The strongest wind gust title goes to this year’s derecho, with a 98 mph peak wind gust at the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Both derechos were very impactful, but the 2012 storm had a larger scale of impacts and the intense winds were more widespread. The 2012 derecho had additional wind gusts in the 80 mph range, while the wind gust reports from this year’s derecho show a quicker drop off into the 70 and 60 mph ranges.

Both derechos have in common the heat that followed them. This made the clean up efforts very difficult and the situation dangerous for those who lost electrical power.

To learn more about the 2012 derecho, click here. To learn more about this year’s derecho, click here. To view the latest updates to the forecast and if we’ll see any storms in the near future, visit our WANE 15 Forecast Page.