FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A G-3 to G-4 Strong to Severe Geomagnetic Storm is forecasted for Sunday night across the world. This means a strong solar flare is interacting with our atmosphere, causing the northern lights to be visible farther south than usual.

Below is a map of where the northern lights could be seen. For us here in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, there’s a lower chance to see the aurora borealis compared to locations to our north. The areas in blue on this map have the best chance, while the areas in green have the lower chance. The best viewing looks to be until 2 a.m.

Locations to our north have the higher chance to see the northern lights.

In a typical Severe Geomagnetic Storm, the aurora could be seen as far south as Northern California and Alabama. It is difficult to forecast exactly how strong geomagnetic storms will be, but this one is currently not expected to be that severe. It is more likely we’ll be closer to a Strong Geomagnetic Storm than a Severe one, but we’ll see what develops.

We’re looking at a G-3 Strong Geomagnetic Storm, with a G-4 Severe Geomagnetic Storm a possibility.

Unfortunately for us, there will be lots of clouds in the sky, so the viewing forecast is poor. It is possible we see some breaks in the clouds later tonight though, so do not completely write off our chances to see something. If you’re looking to try to catch a glimpse, make sure you’re away from city lights. You can view the full forecast tonight by visiting our WANE Weather Page. If you happen to capture an image, send it to us on our ReportIt feature here.