FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio! The warmth we have been seeing and will continue to see this week is not all that atypical for November. What is different though is the amount of sunshine we have experienced to begin the month…

Starting with the temperatures, we have now increased our total to six November days in the 60s this year. This equals our total from last year and pushes us above our November average of five days. The record number of November 60 degree days is 16 set back in 1909. These records date back to 1897.

We will end up above our average number of November days in the 60s in Fort Wayne this November.

While we are not forecasting temperatures to reach the 70s this week, here’s a look at the numbers for November 70 degree days. We have not seen any so far this November, but we did see five of them last November. We typically only see one per November and our record is eight days set back in 1964.

We will likely end up below our average of one 70 degree November day in Fort Wayne this November.

Combining both the 60s and the 70s, we average six days at 60 degrees and higher in November in Fort Wayne. Our record is 19 days in November at 60 degrees and higher, also set back in 1909. Our total this year is six days so far and last year we had 11 days total in the 60s or 70s in November. We will be adding to this total this week. This stands in contrast to four years ago, when we most recently had zero 60 or 70 degree days in November.

We will also end up above our average of 60 degree and higher November days in Fort Wayne this year.

Our highest November temperature ever in Fort Wayne’s history is 79 degrees, which happened twice in the past on November 1st: once in 2016 and the other in 1950. For reference, 76 degrees is the warmest we have reached this late in November (13 days in). That occurred in 1902.

We have not reached the 80s in November or the upper 70s from November 13th and after in Fort Wayne.

Ultimately, we will have experienced more 60s this November than usual, but likely no 70s, at least in Fort Wayne…some of our southern communities have seen temperatures this high earlier in the month.

A difference between this November and last November though is the amount of sunshine. Through 13 days, we’ve been mainly sunny for three days, partly cloudy for ten days, and we have not had an overcast day yet. While we had the same number of mainly sunny days last November, we saw five overcast days and five partly cloudy days instead.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm air while it lasts! You can track the latest forecast information by visiting our WANE 15 Weather Page.