2019 Orionid Meteor Shower will fail to impress


You may have seen the headlines around the web that the Orionid Meteor Shower is currently at its peak here on October 21. While this is true, what you need to know is that the sights in the sky will not be very fantastic.

While some of the day’s thick cloud cover will clear come late tonight, the moon is in its third-quarter and will have just enough light to make it hard to see some of the meteors.

Our astronomical friends at earthsky.org say, if the viewing conditions were perfect, we’d see up to 25 meteors per hour (not a very high number in comparison to some other meteor showers). But, with the above factors working against us, it’s going to be less than that.

The main message here is that this is not really a meteor shower that’s worth staying up past midnight (when the chance at seeing meteors is best) to see. But, if you are out late/early and see something fly by in the sky, you’ll know what it is and you can count yourself lucky!

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