2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook


The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season began on June 1st. It lasts through November 30th, with September as the most active month.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center put out a hurricane outlook back in May. Understanding the Saffir-Simpson scale will help when reading the outlook.

The scale categorizes hurricanes based on sustained wind speeds, which are detected by weather observations. Hurricanes are considered “major” when they are Category 3 or higher and have wind speeds of 111 mph or greater.

All hurricanes have the potential to cause damage, but major hurricanes typically result in the most severe damage, which can be catastrophic according to the National Hurricane Center.

NOAA is predicting 9-15 named storms this year. For a storm to become named, it must achieve tropical storm status, or have at least 39 mile per hour sustained winds.

Along with the forecast for named storms, NOAA is also predicting 4-8 hurricanes and 2-4 hurricanes of major status.

Included in the video above is the list of 2019 Tropical Cyclone names, from the National Hurricane Center. This is the same list that was used in 2013, except for Imelda. The World Meteorological Organization is using Imelda to replace Ingrid, which was retired.

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