Alaska man ducks into shed to avoid bull moose

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ANCHORAGE, AK. (AP) An Alaska man on a casual stroll to take a sack of garbage to his shed on Saturday found himself briefly trapped by a bull moose.

A  home security camera captured Curtis Phelps trapped inside the shed while the bull moose, with just one antler, was outside.

The moose eventually moved on and Phelps escaped after calling his wife, Amy, with his cellphone.

The Phelps live in south Anchorage.

Moose are regular visitors.

Two years ago, a cow gave birth to a calf in their back yard.

Since then, a young moose, possibly the same calf, has regularly returned.

The home security camera in December 2018 recorded the moose on the Phelps’ front porch eating a Christmas wreath that the family had hung.

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