FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The recent shortage of toilet paper has some people turning to other items in place of toilet paper. City officials warn that flushing anything other than toilet paper can lead to extensive clogging in your homes sewage system.

People have started to use disinfecting wipes, makeup wipes, kleenex, paper towels, napkins, and other household items in place of toilet paper. The concern from city officials is that these items to do not break down nearly as quickly as toilet paper, resulting in serious back-ups in the city’s sewage systems.

“Because those items will not break down, it could cause blockages in the homes infrastructure, as well as the city’s, which would then lead to sewage back-ups in your home, as well as possibly in your neighborhood,” said Brian Robinson, the City Utilities Superintendent of Water Pollution Control and Biosolids.

Superintendent Robinson also said even though some wipes are labeled as “flushable” it is actually a good idea to throw those wipes away, as they can also lead to clogs in the sewage system.

An experiment was conducted at WANE 15 to show the differences between toilet paper and disinfecting wipes. Two glasses were filled up with the same amount of city tap water. After one hour the results were undeniable. The toilet paper fell apart very easily and broke down, just as it is supposed to. An opposite result was seen from the disinfecting wipe, as it maintained its size and shape during the test.

The City of Fort Wayne has a break down of to flush and what not to flush. You can access that page here.