FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – While everybody is isolated in their houses, that doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop. Joe Strus showed off some easy and fun experiments you can try at home.

Experiment 1
You need 3 glasses, 3 golf balls, salt, and water. We’ll put a golf in a glass of water. It sinks to the bottom because the ball is more dense than the water.

Now lets add a few scoops of salt to this glass. Watch as the golf ball now floats. This is because the salt increases the density of the water. Finally, We have some salt water here. The golf ball floats as expected. But as we add water, the golf ball stays in the middle of the glass. This shows that the densities are now in balance.

Experiment 2
In this jar I have water, that has been dyed to see it easier. lets add vegetable oil on top of the water. notice how the oil sits on top of the water and the two do not mix. This is because oil is less dense, thus it floats on the water.

Let’s shake up the jar. Watch as the water and oil slowly seperate. Now, lets add some dish soap. Now when we shake the jar the Oil and Water will stay mixed because the dish soap works to balance the densities of the two substances. this happens when you do your dishes at home.

So, these are two very visual experiments that teach us about density! Kids can give these a try, just be sure to have an adult help you out.