***WARNING: The following story contains graphic content not suitable for all readers***

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – The little girl looked upset.

That’s what a man driving a small red pickup truck who saw the girl walking along busy State Road 930 one morning just before 8:30 a.m. would later tell New Haven Police officers.

He stopped to pick her up and took her home. There, he went inside, looked down at the ground and he immediately walked back out to call police.

Jaime Klein
Jaime Klein was stabbed to death in 2016. Nearly seven years later, two suspects have been charged in connection to the killings of Jaime and her boyfriend, Anton Moore.

What ensued was the discovery of two bodies located miles apart but connected by the same crime, a seven-year odyssey where investigators tracked down leads involving a tale of childhood friends torn over jealousy involving a woman, snitching, death threats, car fires and DNA swabs.

And now, finally, murder charges.

The search for the people who stabbed 30-year-old Jaime Lynn Klein inside her New Haven home and shot her boyfriend, 30-year-old Anton Javon Moore, in his head before dumping his body in a ditch in Fort Wayne had gone cold shortly after the killings in 2016.

Thursday, New Haven police announced the arrests of 40-year-olds Gregory Allen Robinson and Priya Lynntoyia Whitt.

Robinson is facing two preliminary counts of murder while Whitt is facing two counts of aiding in murder.

A third person implicated in the killings, though, has yet to be charged.


New Haven police were called to Klein’s home on Oct. 19, 2016, where they met the man in the red pickup truck who had picked up the little girl walking on the side of the highway.

The man told the responding officer when he walked into the girl’s home, he saw the body of a woman on the ground, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents.

Investigators in court documents noted the kitchen was in disarray, with the refrigerator open with its contents dripping on the floor, drawers open with items strewn about, and Klein on the ground with several stab wounds and a kitchen utility knife sticking out of her side.

Blood also covered the kitchen floor.

Klein’s death was later ruled a homicide.

Priya Whitt

The little girl was Klein’s daughter, court documents said, who spoke with an officer while she was shaking and wrapped in a blanket.

“(Klein’s daughter) said her mom was lying down with her eyes open,” an investigator wrote in court documents.

Minutes later in Fort Wayne, a man walking his dog found the body of Moore in a ditch off Fairfield Avenue, court documents said. Moore’s death was later ruled a homicide due to gunshot wounds to his head, according to those court documents.

It’s not entirely clear when investigators began to zero in on suspects in the killings, but they were quick to focus on a man identified as Moore’s childhood friend who had ties to Priya Whitt and Gregory Robinson.

Gregory Robinson

This man, who is named in court documents but is not charged in the killings, was described by at least one witness as being jealous of Moore’s relationship with Klein.

This witness also told police in court documents this man, Klein and Moore went to breakfast together the day before the discovery of the bodies. Later, this witness saw Moore comforting a distraught Klein by rubbing her shoulders, assuring her everything would be all right, court documents said.

A day after the discovery of the killings, Fort Wayne police were called to a suspicious car fire. A 2005 Hyundai Sonata belonging to Priya Whitt was found torched in an undisclosed part of the city.

Whitt told police the car had broken down in the Foster Park area and that people other than her had access to the vehicle – including the man identified as Moore’s childhood friend, court documents said.

A few months after the killings, an Indiana State Trooper found that DNA mixed with Klein’s on the floor of her kitchen that belonged to an unidentified male, court documents said. In January 2017, investigators were able to match this DNA to that of the man identified as Moore’s childhood friend, whose DNA had been entered into a database typically used to store DNA samples from people convicted of felonies.

To be sure the DNA matched Moore’s friend, investigators took a swab of DNA from him in person in May, 2017.

Those samples also matched what was found at Klein’s home.

No charges came about, though, and outside of police using cell phone pings to find that Moore was in the area of Klein’s home at some point the night the two were believed to have been killed, the case led nowhere.


She called New Haven police this past August.

And she knew everything, she said in court documents.

Or at least she knew someone who did.

This unnamed witness handed investigators the name of yet another witness, a man, who knew Priya Whitt well. And he gave investigators the keys that linked Whitt and Gregory Robinson to the killings, according to court documents.

Police met with the unnamed man, who told investigators Robinson and Whitt were dating back in 2016.

On the morning of the killings, Whitt went to this man’s house and “was not acting right,” court documents said. At some point, Whitt took a phone call and after the call she told the witness that “they were going to kill her.”

Whitt then launched into the story of the killings, the witness said in court documents.

“They did it right in front of me,” the witness remembered Whitt saying.

Whitt, Robinson, Moore and the childhood friend of Moore were in Whitt’s car driving around either the late hours of Oct. 18 or the early morning hours of Oct. 19, 2016.

With Whitt behind the wheel, Moore sat in the front passenger seat while Robinson sat behind Whitt in the backseat while Moore’s childhood friend took the passenger-side rear seat, according to court documents.

fairfield avenue ditch hartzell road new haven homicides_215829
The area where Anton Moore’s body was found off Fairfield Avenue in Fort Wayne and Jaime Klein’s home in New Haven.

Moore’s childhood friend then shot Moore in the back of the head, court documents said.

Whitt, Robinson and Moore drove to a home where they dumped Moore’s body out of the car and into a garage. They then drove to Klein’s home, court documents said.

There, Robinson and Moore’s childhood friend are accused of stabbing Klein to death, breaking a knife blade off inside her, according to court documents. Whitt told the witness the two wanted to kill Klein’s daughter, as well, but she shut the little girl into her room and kept a third killing from happening.

The witness told police that Robinson and Moore’s childhood friend showed up at his house while Whitt was there and that the three left, according to court documents. Robinson, though, eventually returned and spoke with the witness.

“You better not tell nobody, because the same thing will happen to you,” Robinson told the witness, according to court documents.

After that, Robinson and Moore’s childhood friend went to Chicago, according to court documents.

Upon their return, both met with the witness.

Robinson is accused of telling this witness, according to court documents, that “I know you know what the (expletive) happened, you know we killed (Moore), so if you say something we will kill you too.”

Robinson described Moore as a “snitch” to the witness and is also accused of confessing to the killing of Klein as well as to the burning of Whitt’s vehicle since those involved thought it was likely captured on surveillance video driving by a fire station near Klein’s home.

“Your affiant believes (this witness) is a credible source of information as his statements are consistent with the timeline of events,” an investigator wrote in court documents. “(This witness) knew details about the case that were not released to the public.”

Whitt and Robinson were both arrested Friday and are being held at Allen Couty Jail without bail.