So why is it so windy? Unlike the Derecho that caused havoc across the area last summer the winds we are experiencing are much more commonplace. The earth is designed to constantly keep an equalized pressure. When this gets disrupted we experience wind.

But, what makes such a strong or severe wind with gusts of nearly 60 mph?

Think of a pop or soda can, you know when it gets shaken up we can see a burst of sticky soda erupting out of the can. The higher the pressure inside the can the more it explodes and expels what’s inside.

Winds are caused by the earth trying to create a balance or equilibrium and fighting against a lower pressure. The stronger and more intense the lower pressure the harder the earth will fight to equalize the pressure.

Very strong low pressure is moving through our area today creating a huge difference between lower pressure and higher pressure. Like the soda can the pressure inside the can is much greater than the pressure outside the can. That is going to cause a stronger reaction and make a big mess.

The fight between lower and higher pressure will finally end when the pressure is equalized. Unfortunately, that’s going to take several hours and it won’t be a smooth process.