LIGONIER, Ind. (WANE) — High school was a trying time for West Noble High School’s class of 2023.

COVID-19 impacted the time they could have in the classroom, alongside the normal high school struggles of balancing a social life and an influx of homework.

However, one student who will be walking across the stage to accept a diploma on Sunday had more to bear on her shoulders.

“I had ovarian cancer, which is pretty rare for kids my age,” said Rosa Gerambio.

Her already hard task became Atlas-like as chemotherapy and stem cell transfusions made going to school impossible for some time, and the fatigue made even completing online courses hard.

“After everything I’ve been through, I missed a lot of school,” Gerambio said. “I tried to do some schoolwork, but probably only did one or two assignments during the whole thing, so cramming that all into one year, I’m surprised I made it in time.”

Despite the obstacles, Gerambio completed her coursework and beat cancer, citing her parents for pushing her to continue in order to finish on time.

“We pushed her a lot to get that school work done, but at the end of the day, Rosa did the work, at the end of the day Rosa did the work, she’s the one that through hard work and determination, she is the one who did it,” said Gerambio’s dad, Bobby.

Her teachers also laud the work she put in to finish on time, seeing her as an inspiration to her classmates and the staff.

“She’s a motivator, she motivates us to do better because she is working so hard to graduate,” said longtime West Noble teacher Carole Matthews. “She was doubling up her junior and senior year, I mean she was really working hard.”

Rosa told WANE 15 that she will look at colleges as a next step, but is still largely uncertain about the future.

Uncertain about everything, except that she is excited about it.