FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) —The woman driving her car on Main Street Monday night didn’t even see the shooter.

She heard shots that made a pumping sound and then what sounded like clinks on the passenger side of her car where her boyfriend was sitting. They both ducked as she hit the accelerator.

As she was driving away from the scene, she saw police flying in the direction of the shooting.

She discovered after she fled toward a relative’s home on West Main Street that three bullets hit her car, she said. Her boyfriend said he felt the car vibrate as the bullets hit the side of the car.

The witness said she wanted to remain anonymous because she did not want a shooter to know her name.

Fort Wayne police said an unidentified man opened fire at 9:05 p.m. Monday after being removed from an area bar.

“The individual was said to be shooting into several buildings, homes and vacant businesses along West Main Street,” the press release stated.

When officers arrived at the scene, the man was still shooting his gun and “officers discharged their service weapons,” the press release continued.

Officers shot the man and then rendered aid until medics arrived on scene. The shooter was taken to a local hospital in non life-threatening condition, but later downgraded to life-threatening condition.

The nearby bar mentioned in the police statement is O’Sullivan’s Italian Pub, which is the only bar in the 1800 block of West Main Street. WANE 15 visited the bar Tuesday, and at that time, employees said there would be no statement.

However, owner Frank Casagrande contacted WANE 15 Tuesday afternoon to say the shooter was never served at O’Sullivan’s.

“He walked in to the corner of the bar and ordered a beer,” Casagrande said. However, “as he ordered, he showed his weapon and was told to leave.” He had a backpack and was homeless.

“He walked down the street and decided to start shooting before the cops could be called. He was never drinking at O’Sullivan’s. I think that’s a key point,” Casagrande said.

At 9 p.m. a scanner at the front door takes a patron’s photo as he or she walks in, but an individual can also be scanned from behind the bar.

“You’ve got a gun, you’ve got to go. You have to take it back to your vehicle,” Casagrande said the manager told the man. Guns are not allowed at O’Sullivan’s and there are cameras inside and out. “He did walk out.” O’Sullivan’s opens up at 11 a.m. and closes at 3 a.m.

Although O’Sullivan’s appeared to be left intact, damage was extensive to the front of Paula’s on Main at 1721 W. Main St. Under bright sunlight Tuesday, workers were repairing several front windows cordoned off with yellow police tape. Inside the yellow tape was a wheelbarrow full of glass shards.

Owner Paula Phillips said her restaurant is closed on Monday, fortunate as the bullets pierced the ground floor windows where there are dining tables.  She said her restaurant will reopen on Friday after repairs that were already going on will be finished. Those repairs had nothing to do with the windows that were shot out Monday night, she added.

WANE 15 contacted the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) with the name of the shooter and requested the names of the officers involved in the incident. The FWPD did not divulge any information.

Even though many witnessed the event and commented on the WANE 15 Facebook page and other social media pages, no bystanders were injured.