FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Two popular fast-food restaurants downtown now have windows boarded up after recent vandalism. Both Wendy’s on South Clinton Street and Burger King on East Jefferson Boulevard saw significant damage.

A Wendy’s employee told WANE 15 the incident happened early Saturday morning, however, according to the Fort Wayne Police Department’s activity log, there was a report for vandalism on South Clinton Street and another on East Jefferson Boulevard dated last Thursday.

The employee said a man asked for a complimentary water cup, and because of new policies enforced by the restaurant, he was denied one. The man then got upset and started hurling rocks at the building, shattering the windows and side door.

Witnesses also tell us the same man then went on to Burger King and did the same thing.

WANE 15 reached out to the Fort Wayne Police Department for more information but has not yet received a response.

  • Window shattered and boarded up at Burger King on E Jefferson.
  • Broken glass at Burger King.
  • Caution sign at Burger King.