(WANE) — With even more inclement weather heading toward northeast Indiana Friday, officials in Wells and Steuben counties are working to make sure they can minimize potential damage from the storm.

Although areas north of Fort Wayne could see snow tomorrow, Bill Morr, emergency management director for LaGrange County, said he is more concerned about the high water levels in the county.

LaGrange County has been offering free sandbags to residents for a few days, and Morr said the county is still offering sandbags for those who need them.

“If you’re in a flood area, obviously with the weather, try to be proactive instead of reactive,” Morr said.

Rick Velasquez, emergency management director for Wells County, shared similar sentiments regarding flood dangers and said people should make sure to avoid areas prone to flooding.

“We got out and we monitor roads, the river, the depth gauge,” Velasquez said.

Some areas across northeast Indiana, including Bluffton in Wells County, are expected to receive roughly 2 inches of rain Friday.