WATCH: Boy, 14, gets unexpected encounter with bear cub

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ALBERTA, Canada (WCMH) — A teenager on his first hunting trip has a story he’ll never forget after coming face-to-face with a black bear cub.

Davin Grunow, 14, was sitting in a lookout post while hunting with family friend Mark White, CTV News reports. Suddenly, a curious black bear cub climbs right up next to him.

“I was pretty scared,” Grunow said. “I look over at Mark and he whispers to me, ‘Don’t move,’ so I stayed as still as I could.” … “I thought to myself, ‘If the bear didn’t know I was there, he’s not going to do anything,’ so that’s what was going through my head mostly.”

The bear sniffed around for about 40 seconds before climbing back down and leaving with his mom. That 40 seconds felt like an eternity to the teen.

“It felt like 10 minutes from when the bear came up,” Grunow said. “I was shaking like a leaf.”

White managed to record the entire incident on his cell phone. The video quickly went viral on Facebook.

Global News reports this was the 14-year-old’s first hunting experience.

White, who has hunted for 45 years, admits it was a scary situation, but also highlights why you have to show animals respect.

“We always know, when we go in the stand, if the bear comes up the tree, stay calm,” White said. “It was something that could have gone terribly wrong, but didn’t.”

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