Police arrest man wanted for beating roommate’s cats, killing 1

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ALLEN CO., Ind. (WANE) — Police have arrested a man accused of killing his roommate’s cat back in 2018.

Officers took 27-year-old Andrew Gibbs into custody Monday in connection with the crime.

Court documents show the incident took place in October of 2018. The cat’s owner, Garan Galbreath, said he left his home for work on October 4 around 10:30 p.m. He said Gibbs was drunk before leaving the house.

Galbreath said his friend Karissa Sharon, who had just arrived at the home, said Gibbs was yelling at her and acting belligerent so she left around 12:30 a.m. on October 5. This left Gibbs in the home alone.

When Galbreath returned home the next morning, he said he couldn’t find two of his cats. He said Gibbs was passed out in his room upstairs and one of the cats was lying, apparently injured, in the suspect’s room by the doorway with blood on her mouth. Galbreath asked Gibbs if he knew what happened, to which Gibbs replied, “No.”

Court documents show Galbreath was looking around the house, but he didn’t see the other cat. Outside, he found a trash can with an empty bag of cat food along with a brown bag containing a towel.

He reached into the bag and felt what appeared to be an animal’s leg. He then looked inside the bag and found a deceased black kitten wrapped in the towel. The cat’s owner said he saw a couple of brown stains in the stairwell leading to the second level of the house along with more stains in a bedroom upstairs and on the floor of the bathroom.

Galbreath then took the cat, he found injured in the house, to a veterinary, seeking treatment.

Test results indicated that the cat suffered from probable pulmonary hemorrhage/contusions to it’s right lung.

Medical officials said the cat who died suffered from blunt force trauma. The bruised area on the chest indicated that the injury happened before the cat died. The amount of blood loss resulted in a fatal injury.

Gibbs is facing a felony charge of torturing or mutilating an animal and a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to an animal. He’s scheduled to be in court on Wednesday.

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