VIDEO: Man arrested for jumping on cars, witness speaks out

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s a scene out of a movie. A man leaping from vehicles and eventually being chased down by police. That was the reality Monday night at the intersection of Wells and Spring Streets.

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” said Sarah Stegenga. “Who could make this up.”

Stegenga was headed north on Wells Street during rush hour when she stopped behind a UPS delivery truck at the Spring Street intersection. When the light turned green the truck did not move.

According to a spokesman for the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD), the delivery truck driver said that a man suddenly climbed onto the front bumper of his vehicle, grabbed the windshield wipers and then climbed completely on top of the delivery truck. The driver said he looked out the window but could not see where the man had gone.

That’s when Stegenga, assuming the delivery truck was broken down, went to go around it. She said that’s when she noticed a man on the top of the delivery truck.

“Pulling forward I heard ca-thunk on the top of my car,” Stegenga said. “I thought maybe he dropped a brick on my car then I stopped. That’s when I saw a man on the ground.”

According to a FWPD spokesman, the man, 27-year-old Michael McGhee, jumped from the delivery van onto Stegenga’s moving car and then landed on Wells Street. The jump dented Stegenga’s car and left footprints on the roof.

Stegenga said when she stopped, she started to get out of her car to check on McGhee but he started to run toward her.

“I got [back] in and locked it and called 911,” Stegenga said. “He came up to my window and started banging. His head was bloody and it was pretty intense.”

Traffic on Wells Street stopped in both directions and McGhee started to bang on other cars. Then the police arrived as McGhee ran westbound on Spring Street. Cars were still stopped and traffic was backed up a few blocks.

A viewer sent in this recorded video of the incident:

Photo provided by Sarah Stegenga

A short time later he emerged from the side of a business and started running down Wells Street. Police say they took off after McGhee and eventually were able to take him into custody.

McGhee is facing three misdemeanor charges:

  • Resisting Law Enforcement (A Misdemeanor)
  • Criminal Mischief (B Misdemeanor)
  • Obstruction of Traffic (B Misdemeanor)

The driver of the UPS delivery truck reported no damage, while Stegenga’s car has a damaged sunroof and dented hood.

“It was definitely an interesting conversation with the insurance company trying to explain this whole thing,” Stegenga said. “I’m very thankful for the police and the woman who stopped traffic and I hope the man gets help because he just didn’t seem well.”

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