VIDEO: Driver caught on camera searching through Fort Wayne mailboxes

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The driver of a pickup truck was caught on camera searching through multiple mailboxes in a southwest Fort Wayne neighborhood last week.

The video is from just after 3:30 p.m. in the Haverhill subdivision in southwest Fort Wayne. In the video, the driver looks through four mailboxes before driving away.

“He’s seen on another camera angle driving past two other sets of mailboxes. We believe he targeted this set due to the fact you can’t see him from other streets and the mailboxes are secluded,” said Michael Jay in an email to WANE 15. Jay is who saw the driver through his home security video.

The driver of the truck doesn’t appear to be adding to or taking anything from the mailboxes, however, this is still a crime.

“If you’re not a postal service employee, or you’re not the homeowner of that mailbox, it’s tampering with the mail,” said Nick Williamson, U.S. postal inspector. “Individuals can’t access mailboxes. Now, if it’s a neighbor just dropping off something, that’s one thing, but in these instances, it’s criminal going mailbox to mailbox looking for things of value.”

Williamson said there are a lot of factors that go into charging someone for mail tampering or mail theft, but said they’re typically considered federal felonies. Depending on the state, mail crimes can also be charged at the local or state level as well.

According to Jay’s post on the website Nextdoor, it appears other Fort Wayne residents have spotted the truck as well.

A screenshot of comments on Mike Jay’s Nextdoor post where another Fort Wayne resident spotted the truck on her security video.

Jay also sent WANE 15 a video captured on his neighbor’s security camera footage. In the video, it appears that the same truck is stopped in front of a mailbox for about 30 seconds. According to Jay, his neighbor is missing more than 50 Christmas cards.

Williamson said if residents see somebody acting suspicious or accessing mailboxes, they should immediately call police.

“Notify local law enforcement and then contact the US Postal Inspection Service,” said Williamson. “The longer people wait in reporting or if there’s a significant lag in reporting then obviously it makes it more difficult for us to identify the individuals responsible or retrieve what may have been stolen.”

He added that its helpful to provide as much descriptive information as possible, like a license plate number.

The truck seen driving through the Haverhill neighborhood is a two-door, blue and silver Chevy Silverado. According to Jay’s email to WANE 15, the driver was wearing a baseball cap and a brown Carhartt jacket.

Jay said he is in contact with both the Fort Wayne Police Department and the postal investigator’s office.

To report any suspicious activity involving mail theft, call the U.S. Postal Inspector’s office at (877) 876-2455 or visit its website

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